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San Francisco, California recent comments:

  • Pier 14, JayZee wrote 4 months ago:
    Kate Steinle was tragically killed here in July 2015
  • ABC Television Center / KGO-TV / KRON-TV, Randy (guest) wrote 10 months ago:
    No, that show is taped in New York.
  • Stillwell Hall, Richard R Hamel (guest) wrote 12 months ago:
    Priceless building gone! What a shame. I was stationed there and worked on the top center floor. IT was the last half of 1962. During the Cuban Crisis. My desk gave me a multi-million dollar view of the Golden Gate Bridge, to the Skyline of the city of San Francisco, to the Oakland Bay Bridge. I always wanted to return there with my family, but it is no longer there. I wonder why so may old historical buildings are missing there ??
  • Broadway, 2808, OpenGLShader (guest) wrote 1 year ago:
    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Jonathan Ive, Apple's senior vice president of industrial design, is the anonymous buyer who shelled out $17,000,000 for a slice of Billionaire's Row at 2808 Broadway a couple of months ago. For those not familiar with Mr. Ive, he's an Apple executive who's best known for being the mastermind behind the design of the iPod, iPhone, and other Apple products. He's been the leader of Apple's design team since 1996. The Gold Coast 4-bed, 7.5-bath home was built in 1927 by Willis Polk & Company, the successor firm to starchitect Willis Polk after he died in 1924. The mansion was asking $25,000,000 when it first landed on the market in late 2010, which got it a place on our list of San Francisco's most expensive homes for sale. Source:
  • Lincoln Park, kencummings wrote 2 years ago:
    also the west end of the Lincoln Highway
  • Russian Center of San Francisco, buxschumacher wrote 2 years ago:
  • Zynga, TLU2008 wrote 2 years ago:
    Global Medical Supply seems to also share this address, hmmm...
  • HQ of The 6th Army Honor Guard, Jim landavazo (guest) wrote 2 years ago:
    Served6th army honor guard 1962-1964. Housed in corner bldg across the street from the bowling alley. Burial detail was main function. 20-30 burials per day at San bruno national cemetery. Pvt jim landavazo
  • Sutter-Stockton Parking Garage, Gabe1972 wrote 2 years ago:
    The roof scene near the end of the film Steve Jobs, where Jobs is talking to his daughter, Lisa, was filmed here.
  • Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, Edward (guest) wrote 2 years ago:
    Now It is "Grocery Outlet". 6333 Geary Boulevard San Francisco CA 94121
  • Stillwell Hall, Joe Conroy (guest) wrote 2 years ago:
    Stilwell Hall was my headquarters from 1962 to 1964 when I was in the XV corp. Worked in the a couple of buildings across from Stilwell Hall which are all gone now. Joe Conroy, Specialist 4.
  • AT&T Switching Center, Phillip Long wrote 2 years ago:
    This is true. I am retired AT&T technician and manager.I rerouted the backbone network elements through 21 to the NSA building next door. I remember questioning the engineering that routed backbone data/phone nodes through the SNFCCA21/ds0. The ds0 designation is incorrect as that is low speed. We rerouted ds3 and oc3 backbones to this c.o. as mis routes to here,when there was no engineering reason. Never could get a "terminating address" as we just dropped coax and fiber on connecting ports.
  • The Posh Bagel, JayZee wrote 2 years ago:
    best in the City
  • Alvord Lake Bridge, JeffKogut wrote 2 years ago:
    A podcast on this bridge:
  • 540 El Camino Del Mar, Ron P (guest) wrote 2 years ago:
    The world was a better place with Robin in it! God Bless you and your family Robin.
  • HQ of The 6th Army Honor Guard, Alois W Rubenbauer wrote 2 years ago:
    I was in the 6th Army honor guard 2nd palton 1956 to 1957. Ist Sergent was Van Curt. Spc Al. Rubenbauer
  • Safeway, TLU2008 wrote 2 years ago:
  • Good Vibrations, buxschumacher wrote 3 years ago:
    I can feel the vibe, yeah!
  • Harrington's Bar and Grill, JayZee wrote 3 years ago:
    great bar
  • Playland (site), Mike Winslow wrote 3 years ago:
    Well..... In was Chutes at the BEach before PLayland (1921-1929). THen PLayland from 1929-72. The Funhouse Mirror sequence was filmed on a set in Hollywood, but the ending sequence of Orson walking across the street was filmed at PLayland. Playland didn't look like any of the Coney Island PARKs... COney Island wasn't ONE park..... and.... Your Map is outlined incorrect. PLayland Took up another block north and 1 1/2 more east.